Opening Prayer (Rev. Rob Henderson)
11-12pmLife Skills for Empaths (Nicole)An Animistic Approach To Candle Magic (James Stovall)
12-1pmSeason of the Witche (MeKailia Nimue)Yggdrasil, Its Roots, and Its Worlds: Heathen Cosmology (Sarenth Odinsson)

(shopping break)
2-3pmSpirits of the Land: Making Allies (Shadow Bear)Keeping the Lights On: Ethics and Magic (Shane Wheeler)

Main Ritual (Mimirsbrunnr Kindred)

(shopping break)
5-6pmTinker Bell Does Not Live in Ireland (Nicole)Sigils are Easy as ABC (Shane Wheeler)

Closing Prayer (Rev. Rob Henderson)

Class descriptions

11 am to 12 pm: Life Skills for Empaths (Nicole)
In today's society of poor boundaries and sometimes sloppy magical practice, being an empath is hard. Come talk about shielding, cleansing, spiritual upkeep, dealing with overwhelm and more in this class.

11 am to 12 pm: An Animistic Approach To Candle Magic (James Stovall)
Candle magic is one of the most common forms of magic, but is there more to it? And can you approach it from an animistic perspective to achieve even greater results? Let's take a candle and find out!

12 to 1 pm: Yggdrasil, Its Roots, and Its Worlds: Heathen Cosmology (Sarenth Odinsson)
This lecture will dig into the ground of Heathen/Northern Tradition cosmology, exploring the World Tree Yggdrasil, where Its Roots run, and the Worlds that rest within It. We will explore who lives where, the tribes of Gods, what the Ancestors are and where They can be found, and what vaettir (spirits) there are. There will be a Q&A section, so come with questions!

12 to 1 pm: Season of the Witche (MeKailia Nimue)
Samhain, Hallows or Halloween, however you may know this time - 'tis the "Season of the Witche" - or at least in public opinion. A popular thought still currentky pushed forward through story, song & media. However a true Witche or Worker of Energy holds no season above another as they personally know & feel the wisdoms & strengths within each portion of the earthly cycle. In this workshop we will discuss the energy of the seasons & the influences that the equinoxs, solstices, & moon phases have on our workings. As they are all weaving within the layers of our craft through understandings & connection.

2 to 3 pm: Keeping the Lights On: Ethics and Magic (Shane Wheeler)
In every magic path, we discover truths about the self and the world, and how these things connect. As we grow on our path, greater powers and responsibilities inevitably present themselves. A lecture on ethics, magic, finding our place in the universe, and being our best selves.

2 to 3 pm: Spirits of the Land: Making Allies (Shadow Bear)
This hands on work shop will teach you how to recognize liminal thresholds and places of Power and how to make allies with the genius loci of the land.

3 to 4 pm: Main Ritual
Mimirsbrunnr Kindred will lead us in the celebration of Haustblót, Autumn Sacrifice, the second of the Heathen Kindred?s harvest festivals. In it, we thank the Gods and Goddesses of the Harvest, including Freyr, Gerša, Freya, Išunn, Njoršr, Neršus, Jörš, and Thorr. We thank our Ancestors for showing us how to live well with the Gods, the Ancestors Themselves, the landvaettir (land spirits) and the land itself. Good offerings to bring would be organic, seasonally-appropriate foods or a money donation to Food Gatherers.

5 to 6 pm: Sigils are Easy as ABC (Shane Wheeler)
"If you can spell a word, you can word a spell." Sigils are an elegant, flexible, and fast form of spellcasting that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their budget or skill level. Drawing on material from the book of the same name, the class will cover techniques of sigil creation, how to use sigils both as single shot spells and as long term enchantments, as well as potential uses in divination, servitor creation, creating a magick language, and other occult operations. An interactive class, those attending are encouraged to create and fire their own sigils during lecture. Pens and paper will be provided for sigil creation.

5 to 6 pm: Tinker Bell Does Not Live in Ireland (Nicole)
Are you finding yourself interested in fairy magic? Or perhaps you find yourself haunted by mysterious lights and shadows, strange music, and disappearing shiny objects? Come talk about the symptoms of fairy hauntings and the real and very important folklore than predates the Victorian domestication of Fae.