Ann Arbor Pagan Pride Day 2020 Schedule

1pm - 2pm: Polytheism 101
Sarenth Odinsson
This lecture/discussion will dig into the basics of what polytheism means, and how it is lived. We will be exploring how we can use literary and archaeological resources as springboards and foundations to polytheist traditions. We will also explore what the Gods, Ancestors, and spirits are, how we relate to Them as polytheists, and how to engage Them with respect.
2pm - 3pm Snake Oil!: Trash or Treasure?
Mother Multiverse
There's a sucker born every minute. In a world of witchy wonders, there will always be a few carnival barkers looking to make a buck off of your spirituality. How do we tell the fraudulent from the authentic? In this class, we'll discuss the warning signs of false gurus, bad books, and how to navigate decades of material littered with fast cash pagan writing.
3pm - 4pm A Polytheist Response to Peak Oil and Climate Change
Sarenth Odinsson
This workshop will explore what the predicaments of peak oil and climate change are, and how we can respond to them from the polytheist worldview. To begin with, I will lay out the ideas we will be talking on, framing the ideas of peak oil, climate change, and potential responses from a polytheist perspective. Then, we’ll open up the chat for discussion.